Working with a personal trainer helped Sarah put her lifestyle into perspective

Working with a personal trainer helped Sarah put her lifestyle into perspective

Sarah O’Brien has always been an active individual, but like most working adults, her schedule forced her to find time to work out. Now that she’s working and attending school to become a nurse, she turned to a personal trainer for efficient and effective workout. [ Read More ]

Grab your ghouls and gobblins!

Join us for an evening of family-friendly, spooky fun at Halloween at the Baxter YMCA on Friday, October 27 from 5-8 pm.[ Read More ]

Donate and help us combat childhood obesity!

Two years ago, we brought you John and Todd Tri. John, the Baxter YMCA executive director, and Todd, triathlon coach extraordinaire, completed several sprint triathlons in a single day and raised more than $2,000 to give local youth memberships at the Baxter YMCA. This year, we’re upping the stakes for childhood obesity and taking them out of their element. This year, they’re going Around the Y on Oct. 23 in an effort to raise $3,000 for youth programs.The duo will visit a variety of land and water group exercise classes, including water fitness, silver sneakers, Yoga and Zumba. But no amount of training will prepare them for preschool gym class. [ Read More ]

After sleeping off two years of chronic illness, mom wakes up to a new lifestyle

Five years ago Melissa Newman was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. During that time, doctors had her on several different medications to combat her symptoms, which included chronic pain and muscle soreness all over, fatigue, stiff joints, intense migraines depression, anxiety, brain fog, restlessness while trying to sleep, and irritability.[ Read More ]

A FREE month of Synergy leads to BIG results

It was luck that brought Shanna Brinegar to a Synergy class at the Baxter YMCA. “I could tell my whole body was stronger after the second month. I was lifting heavier weights, doing more repetitions of exercises that used just body weight, and was even able to do full (un-modified) burpees!”[ Read More ]

Transform Your Life

Have you been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, or just looking for a way to lose weight? This program can help prevent Type II Diabetes.[ Read More ]
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Now registering for Swim Lessons!

When it comes to swimming, safety is always our priority! Our lessons are designed for all levels and ages. We even offer group or private lessons to fit your schedule! [ Read More ]
Weight Lifting

Small group training with certified personal trainers

Based on the format of High Intensity Interval Training , Synergy is a time based group circuit that provides you with the most effective workout possible by combining cardiovascular and strength training.[ Read More ]
Jerry Shutt

Jerry Shutt keeps all illness at bay with healthy workout regimen

Gerald “Jerry” Shutt is a 66 year old Navy veteran. His time in the military was cut short in 1973 as a result of an illness that prompted a 60 pound weight loss in addition to diminished strength and overall good health. Jerry decided to join a gym and was able to regain some of his weight and strength[ Read More ]
Nancy McDonald

Before and After School program makes it possible for working grandmother to keep job

Four years ago Nancy McDonald took on the responsibility of raising her 4 grandchildren. One of her biggest concerns at the time was how to work out their school schedule with her work schedule. [ Read More ]
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Now registering for Fall leagues!

At the Baxter YMCA, everyone plays! Fall sports teams are now forming, so register early and save your spot![ Read More ]
Child learning to swim

A scare in the pool drives family to give private swim lessons a try

Wyatt always loved swimming, until he had a scare in his neighborhood pool two summers ago.[ Read More ]
Rebecca Salman and James Pope

Young mom finds strength in lifting

Rebecca wanted to boost her metabolism and thought weight lifting would best the best way to do so, but she was intimidated and unsure. It was when she met James, her personal trainer and associate wellness director, that things started to change. He gave her a free training demonstration and she was hooked.[ Read More ]
Marathon runner

Putting her emotions to the pavement keeps Erin P centered

For Erin Percifield, running is her way of life. But, things weren’t always that way.[ Read More ]
Personal Training

Molly Zoller danced her way into her 50's until surgeries slowed her down

I have regained so much strength and balance and my confidence level has soared. I have even been able to resume teaching ballet again at my church, which is my passion. I have greater stamina and accomplish more at home and at work, and I find myself being much more positive and joyful. [ Read More ]

Annabel Hartman left lasting impact on the YMCA and Southside community

On Wednesday, April 19, the Baxter YMCA staff will honor one of its founding members be dedicating the North Gym in her memory. The ceremony will take place from 3:45-4:45 pm, during which time, open gym will be canceled.[ Read More ]

1 out of 3 adults are pre-diabetic

Have you been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, or just looking for a way to lose weight? This program can help! Scholarships are available for those 60 and older. Please contact Bobbi Finley at 317-865-6464 or to see if you qualify to participate at no cost. Limited spots are available. Classes begin May 16 and June 26.[ Read More ]


Looking for a preschool program? The Baxter YMCA is where it’s at! Before you have to make a decision, we're inviting you to stop by to check out the rooms, get questions answered, or just see why we have been so successful for over 35 years. We have 10 different classes on various days designed for ages 2-5 years old. We offer 1/2 day classes filled with fun, learning, crafts, gym, special events, and lots of peer interaction. Come discover how great early childhood education can be! Preschool registration opens on February 27 for current students and on March 6 for new students.[ Read More ]

LIVESTRONG AT THE YMCA: What you need to know

In 2008, the YMCA of the USA partnered with LIVESTRONG® to help cancer survivors begin the journey toward recovery with the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program. Part of the Y’s commitment to strengthening community through healthy living, the program offers adults affected by cancer a safe, supportive environment to participate in physical and social activities focused on strengthening the whole person-not the disease. The free, 12–week program meets twice a week for 90 minutes, using traditional exercise methods to ease survivors back into fitness and help maintain a healthy weight. Also learning about wellness, stress reduction techniques and how to continue healthy habits after the program has ended. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA encourages a warm spirit of community – a safe, comfortable place for you to build companionship with others affected by cancer and share stories and inspiration.[ Read More ]
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Determined Mother

Amanda has lost nearly 45 pounds and not only has she gained muscle, she’s gained the confidence she desired, built life long friendships, and has been able to achieve her fitness goals![ Read More ]