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Benjamin Harrison Center Key Staff

Jenny Sera

District Vice President – East
(317) 542-5541

Drew Kelley

Youth & Family Director
(317) 547-9622

Megan Klomp

District Marketing Director – East
(317) 610-2695

Allison Daniels

Administrative Assistant

Kristopher Loving

Associate Wellness Director
(317) 547-9622

Cody Martin

Wellness  Director
(317) 547-9622

Emma Martin

Aquatics Director
(317) 610-2693

Carolyn Mattingly

District Director of Business Services – East
(317) 610-2686

Amber Miller

Associate Program Director of Sports
(317) 610-2692

Kenosha Relford

Early Learning Director
(317) 547-9622

Chris Rickelman

Senior Director of Building & Grounds
(317) 547-9622

Jami Weirich

Membership Director
(317) 610-2689

Benjamin Harrison Center Leadership

Tim Martin

Board Chair

Karen Jensen

Board Secretary

David Frizzell

Financial Development Committee Chair

Amanda Berkey

Marketing & Communication Committee Chair

Jason Beehler

Board Development Committee Chair

Patricia Kinney

Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair

Pam Dechert

Emeritus Board Chair

Pamela Anderson

Board Member

Jacob Baker

Board Member

Juan Camacho

Board Member

Dr. Mike Copper

Board Member

Tom Crouch

Board Member

Chris Curry

Board Member

Job De Haro

Board Member

Juliana Hughes

Board Member

Dr. Justin Hunter

Board Member

Priscilla Keith

Board Member

Scott Maskel

Board Member

Jewel Mosley

Board Member

Suzanne Rockwell

Board Member

Alan Rowland

Board Member

Chuck Swisher

Board Member

Deb Steinmetz

Board Member

Shelley Stewart

Board Member

Kayla Storr

Board Member

Deborah Whitfield

Board Member

Gary Woodruff

Board Member