The Legacy of Black Farmers and whole foods in Indiana

YMCA exposing the community to better and healthier food options

The issue of food deserts and the availability of fresh and healthy food has disproportionately impacted black communities. However, there is a growing movement to address this issue by supporting black farmers and promoting healthier eating habits. ... Read More


Early Learning Should Be Fun

All children should have access to a welcoming and developmentally appropriate environment.

Walking through the Early Learning hallway of the Baxter YMCA, a center with the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, you’re instantly greeted with the sounds of giggles and squeals of delight. Peaking in through the windows, you see little ones making ... Read More


We walked in as broken people – LIVESTRONG

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA focuses on the whole person, not the disease.

In 2015 Lodema Lines was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. It then became clear why she felt so tired for the last five years. She then learned about the YMCA LIVESTRONG program through her oncologist and decided to look into it. Fast forward ... Read More


Providing Health Food for the Community

Gleaners Food Distribution Partnership with Avondale Meadows YMCA

Helping the community get health food In addition to distributing food, the Avondale Meadows YMCA and Gleaners Food Bank also made a concerted effort to provide health food options to the community. This included fresh fruits and vegetables, lean pr... Read More


Going Places with the track program

Fishers Flames Track & Field Help Young Athlete Become a Champion

Track program pushes runner “I think I’m going to switch out my 100 and do a 400,” Doran Bennett announced to his mother and Coach back in May. Perhaps this wasn’t an unusual declaration for a runner. Doran was taking the initiative to stre... Read More