At the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, we are always providing events and opportunities for our community to learn, grow and thrive, to work for a better us.

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Cookies and Canvas @ Hendricks Regional Health YMCA
Jan 25 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Cookies and Canvas @ Hendricks Regional Health YMCA | Avon | Indiana | United States
Join us for a family art event! Don’t miss this painting fun for the whole family led by an instructor. Cost is $5/canvas.
Safe Sitter @ Hendricks Regional Health YMCA
Jan 26 @ 8:00 am – 2:30 pm
Safe Sitter @ Hendricks Regional Health YMCA | Avon | Indiana | United States

Designed to prepare students in grades 6-8 to be safe when they’re home alone, watching younger siblings, or babysitting. The Instructor-led class is filled with fun games and role-playing exercises. Students even get to use manikins to practice rescue skills like choking rescue and CPR!

Class fee is $50 Y Members, $60 Non Members. Students should bring a sack lunch. Pre-registration is required two days in advance. Click here to register online or register in-person at the YMCA Front Desk. Register early as classes fill quickly!

Safe Sitter Babysitting Class @ Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay
Jan 26 @ 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

Have you been asking to stay home alone? Do you want to babysit? Have you completed 5th grade? Then maybe it’s time for Safe Sitter®. Safe Sitter® isn’t just a class, it’s a cause! Learn how to be the sitter that every parent and child wants! This class will educate on how to:

  • Interact with young children
  • Budget
  • Basic First Aid
  • Many other important areas of a proper babysitter
  • Registration is required
  • Open to ages 11 – 18
  • Students must bring a lunch
Yoga Workshops: Basics Foundations and Principles of Yoga Asanas @ Hendricks Regional Health YMCA
Jan 26 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Yoga Workshops: Basics Foundations and Principles of Yoga Asanas @ Hendricks Regional Health YMCA | Avon | Indiana | United States

Yoga workshops are designed to deepen your yoga practice by focusing on different breathing techniques, postures, and meditation practices.

Each workshop will be two hours long and will be offered the second Sunday and fourth Saturday of each month.

Cost per workshop:

Contact Rachel Burge at for additional information



January 26: Yang to Yin with Robert

Cultivate harmony with this yogic practice based on the philosophy of balancing seemingly opposite elements. Begin with a continuous flow of dynamic and warming movements then settle into deep, cooling, and rejuvenating postures. All levels welcome.


February 10: Reducing and Eliminating Low Back Pain  with Rachel

Yoga offers many benefits that can help relieve or prevent low back pain. There are many contributors to this pain both physical and mental. Learn how to strengthen, stretch and relax the body. Postural alignment, balance and coordination will also be addressed. Learn how to recognize stressful or emotional states and how they contribute to physical health. All levels welcome.


February 23: Bolsters, Blankets & Blocks, OH MY! with Alli

Mindful yogis understand that props like blocks and straps provide stability and support for the body while moving into more difficult poses.  Moreover, they can help the body stretch and strengthen without undo strain allowing the practitioner to let go and be more present in the pose.  Come learn a myriad of ways you can use props to develop and deepen your practice! All levels welcome.


March 10: Balancing the Body – Part 1: Yoga for Sitting Too Much with Jodie

Do you have a job where you sit all day? Are you noticing aches, pains and loss of flexibility in your hips? This workshop focuses on anatomy that is negatively impacted by our sedentary lifestyles. We will work on specific postures for the hips and core, so that participants will leave understanding


March 23: Focus on Backbends with Katarina

A heart-opening workshop with a focus on gently opening our hearts through functional warm up of our shoulders, chest and upper back which lead to more advanced poses. You will learn how to use and integrate your muscles to keep you safe and strong while finding the edge of the pose in your body. Workshop will include brief Dharma talk (Yoga principles) and a pranayama or meditation. All levels welcome.


April 14: Road to Recovery: The Healing Powers of Yoga with Rachel

Almost everyone acquires a mental or emotional wound that creates depression, fear, anxiety, or stress. These wounds can manifest into physical ailments and hold us back from living a happier, healthier life. Come experience a “body centered” perspective for growth and recovery through the healing powers of yoga asanas and breathing. All levels welcome.


April 27: Pranayama and Meditation with Robert

Learn and experience the classical breathing techniques of yoga to quiet the mind. Then dive deep into the practice by exploring various meditation practices. All levels welcome.


May 19: Balancing the Body – Part 2: Yoga for Tech Neck with Jodie

Do you sit at a computer all day or spend hours looking down at your phone? Are you noticing pain or tension in your shoulders or neck? This workshop looks at anatomy that is negatively impacted by our tech focused lifestyles. The postures will target the chest, neck and shoulders, so that participants will leave understanding postures that help balance out the effects of using technology too much. All levels welcome.


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