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Become An Informed Voter

Civics 101: Linking Politics to your Everyday Quality of Life


Become an informed voter for the midterm election (Nov. 8) and beyond. The Monster Meeting Series of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis is sponsoring a workshop at the OrthoIndy Foundation YMCA to dive into the inner workings of voting and its impact on you.

Attending this event will provide valuable, insightful information about how your vote can impact the quality of your everyday life. Learn more about:

  • Candidate Research Resources
  • Voting (understanding how your vote matters)
  • Understanding the Impact of the US Census
  • Civics 101 (the basics)

Presented by I Love My Work, LLC
Valerie Williamson, BABA, Senior Consultant and
Victor M. Creed, 2021 Public Management MPA Candidate

YMCA of Greater Indianapolis