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Healthy development starts early for children, and that’s why at the YMCA, we care for the health and well being of your child. In this nurturing environment, your child is encouraged to play, learn, and grow.

By integrating activities and playtime into the Preschool curriculum, our trained teachers are about to achieve a supportive learning environment. Our hands-on learning curriculum emphasizes motor skills and creativity. We strive to provide an environment where children will learn and build confidence while making new friends.

For more information, contact Senior Youth and Family Director, Santana Gonzalez: 317.558.3220 or

Download more information about the preschool program at the Fishers YMCA.

Child Care

Kid’s Night Out

With Kids Night Out, parents enjoy a night out while kids engage in fun and safe activities at the Y

We know parents need a break from time to time while kids enjoy games, crafts, and more centered around a unique monthly theme. Kids play in the Play and Learn Center while adults can enjoy an evening out. These specially themed evenings include crafts, games, dinner, physical activities and lots of fun!

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Sensory Sundays

Our Play and Learn will be open for children with sensory sensitivities or other diverse needs, their families and friends. Child to staff ratio will be kept at 4:1 regardless of age.

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Family Play Days

The Y is a great place to enjoy some great family time! Our play center offers you and your child an indoor play experience with slides, rope climbs, and more. This is a great way to spend quality time as a family! Spend quality time with us! Come to the Play and Learn Center as a family and play, play, play! The Play Center Family Time is offered free with your Y membership.

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Preschool Enrichment Classes

Preschool Enrichment

Children socialize with friends as well as engage in instructional learning on weekly themes which may include Lessons in Literacy, Creative Cooking, Moving with Music and Active Artists. Parents may drop-off and pick-up or are more than welcome to stay! Options are available for full-day and half-day programs, may vary by YMCA location.

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Preschool Playtime

Playtime is fun time with your little one

(Ages Walking-5yrs) Play with your child as you join other Y families for motor gym activities, including mats, balls, wedges, and more!

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ShooBeLoo Music & Movement

Sing, dance, drum, and learn! Active musical exploration

(Ages 10 Months–5 Years) This adult/child class is for young children who want to expand their musical horizons. Local singer/guitarist Michelle Marti will lead you and your child in a fun and active session of musical exploration while you learn the basics of musicality in a fun and engaging way.

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Gym & Swim

Land and water activities for the little ones

(Ages 3-5) Expose your preschooler to various game and recreational activities on land and in water. Preschoolers will participate in fun, recreational activities and water games.

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Preschool/Early Learning Centers

Preschool/Early Learning Centers

YMCA Part-Day Preschool / Full-Day Early Learning Centers

Child Development experts agree: Attending a high-quality preschool program prepares children for kindergarten and beyond. At the YMCA, children will be exposed to high quality early learning curriculum where they also learn valuable social skills, all in a safe and welcoming environment. The YMCA offers the following preschool options for your child:

Avondale Meadows YMCA Early Learning Center

  • Licensed; Level 3 Paths to Quality
  • Full Day Early Learning Center (M-F, 6:30am–6pm)
  • Accepts CCDF; On My Way PreK

3908 Meadows Dr.
317. 554.1049

YMCA Early Learning Center at Red Maple Grove
(through the Avondale Meadows YMCA)

  • Licensed; Level 3 Paths to Quality
  • Full Day Early Learning Center (M-F, 7am–6pm)
  • Accepts CCDF; On My Way PreK

2901 Tabor Street

Baxter YMCA Preschool

  • 1/2 Day Preschool

7900 S Shelby Street

Benjamin Harrison YMCA Preschool

  • Unlicensed Registered Ministry; Level 3 Paths to Quality
  • Full Day Preschool (M-F, 6:30am-6pm)
  • Accepts CCDF; On My Way PreK, Indy PSP, and offers Ivy Tech Student discount

5736 Lee Rd.


Fishers YMCA Preschool

  • 1/2 Day Preschool

9012 E 126 Street, Fishers
317. 595.9622

Hendricks Regional Health YMCA Preschool

  • Unlicensed Registered Ministry
  • Half & Full Day Preschool (M-F, 9am-1pm or 6:30am-6pm)
  • 3s and PreK classes

301 Satori Parkway, Avon

Jordan YMCA Preschool

  • Ages 2-5
  • 1/2 Day Preschool (M-F, 9am–1pm)
  • Spanish Enrichment offered M/W/F 1-2:30pm

8400 Westfield Blvd.


Ransburg YMCA Preschool

  • Full Day Early Learning Center (M-F, 6:30am–6pm)
  • Licensed; Level 3 Paths to Quality
  • Accepts CCDF; On My Way PreK

501 N. Shortridge Rd.
(317) 357-8441


Witham Family YMCA Preschool

  • 1/2 Day & Full Day Preschool
  • Unlicensed Registered Ministry; Level 1 Paths to Quality

2791 N Lebanon Street, Lebanon

YMCA at the Athenaeum Preschool

  • 1/2 Day Preschool (M-F, 9am–1pm)

401 E. Michigan St.
3­­­­­­­17. 685.9705

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