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Quality Time With The Kids In Your Life

Hearts, flowers,'s almost time for Valentine's Day! Not only is Valentine's Day a wonderful time to celebrate your significant other, but also your little one. One of the sweetest ways to do this is to attend a dance to make them feel... Read More

Membership Promotion

We’ve got a Resolution Revolution for you! We’re here to help you ignite your year to live a healthier life in spirit, mind and body, and if you join the Y by January 15, you’ll save big with NO JOIN FEE! We’re proud to have been a part of... Read More

Tour our Facility!

From yoga to Wellness Coaching to preschool, check out what the Hendricks Regional Health YMCA has to offer you and your family!     [embed][/embed]    ... Read More

Preschool 2017-2018

The Hendricks Regional Health YMCA offers one of the most dynamic preschool programs on the West side. For over 20 years, preschoolers have become instilled with the YMCA’s philosophy of developing the spirit, mind, and body of each individual, and... Read More

Power Couple

Charles (Chuck) and Carolyn Culp joined the LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA program at Hendricks Regional Health YMCA back in January 2015. Both are cancer survivors and were looking to make some big lifestyle changes. Before their cancer diagnoses, they to... Read More

Fitness Priority

Jody Hyder has been involved in the YMCA’s Diabetic Prevention Program since June of 2015. When diagnosed as a pre-diabetic in December of 2013, she was at her highest lifetime weight of 204 pounds. She took the initiative to change her life for th... Read More

Life Changer

Paul’s journey started with chronic back pain, high blood pressure, and many other health issues that restricted him to having to use an electric wheel chair, a small portable electric scooter or a walker. His weight topped at 315 pounds and reduc... Read More

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