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Healthy development starts early for children, and that’s why at the YMCA, we care for the health and well being of your child. In this nurturing environment, your child is encouraged to play, learn, and grow.

By integrating activities and playtime into the Preschool curriculum, our trained teachers are about to achieve a supportive learning environment. Our hands-on learning curriculum emphasizes motor skills and creativity. We strive to provide an environment where children will learn and build confidence while making new friends.

Unless otherwise noted, please visit the Member Services Desk for registration and additional program information.

Child Care

Play and Learn Centers

In our YMCA Play and Learn Centers, your child will experience all kinds of fun and engaging activities while you enjoy your work out!

At the Y, we believe that “play is the work of young children, and is the foundation for learning.” Our Play and Learn Centers offer children the opportunity to experience curriculum-based learning activities in a fun and nurturing environment.

Our trained staff can care for babies 6 weeks and older, and we have activities geared to toddlers and for children up to 10 years of age. A few of our locations also have Play and Learn amenities geared to pre-teens (ages 11-12); please ask at your local Y.

  • Use of our Play and Learn Centers is included FREE as a part of  YMCA household memberships.
  • Play and Learn Centers are available at 11 of our 12 locations (the YMCA at the City Market is the only exception).
  • Members may use our Play and Learn Centers for up to two hours per day while you are onsite at our facility.
  • For Play and Learn hours of operation, please visit the Location Info tab and “hours” for your YMCA location of choice.



Phone: (317) 273-9622

Kid’s Night Out

With Kids Night Out, parents enjoy a night out while kids engage in fun and safe activities at the Y

We know parents need a break from time to time while kids enjoy games, crafts, and more centered around a unique monthly theme. Kids play in the Play and Learn Center while adults can enjoy an evening out. These specially themed evenings include crafts, games, dinner, physical activities and lots of fun!

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Preschool at Hendricks Regional Health YMCA

Preschool is currently enrolling! Programs are designed to offer developmentally-appropriate learning experiences for ages 3 to 5. Each day with include group learning, one on one work with the teachers, gym time, and snack/lunch (provided by parents).

The Hendricks Regional Health YMCA Preschool utilizes the Creative Curriculum. The projects that children engage in are developed by knowledgeable, nurturing teachers who consider the needs, interests, concerns, and developmental abilities of the children.
The curriculum promotes academic success through the use of a wide range of appealing hands-on learning materials and experiences. In this way we provide children with experiences that will help them learn to direct their own actions, discipline themselves, and accept responsibility for their actions. We expect that children will:

  • Experience academic success throughout their school career
  • Become eager life-long learners, creative thinkers and problem solvers
  • Gain significant verbalization skills and expand their vocabulary
  • Expand their language comprehension
  • Experience significant advances in their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Increase their attention span and ability to concentrate

Half day programs run from 9am-1pm  and full day programs run from 6:30am-6pm, and are held onsite at the HRH YMCA.  The registration form can be found here. For any additional program questions, please contact Jessica Ledford at or call at 317.204.1904.

Please note, immunization records are required before the first day of school.


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