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Corporate Memberships at the Y


A Healthy, Happy Team

The Corporate Membership Plan allows businesses to make YMCA memberships available to their employees.

Why offer a Corporate Health Program? Healthy, happy people are good employees. Working parents need quality, safe child care they feel good about. A well-rounded benefits package, one that includes a YMCA membership, is attractive to current and potential employees.

An estimated 25-30% of companies’ medical costs/year were spent on employees with excess, often preventable, health risk. Other benefits that companies see include:

  • Increased morale
  • Productivity and retention
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduced health care costs

The YMCA is fortunate to have hundreds of companies actively participating in the health and wellness of their employees.

If your employer is listed in the link below, you are eligible for a membership subsidy. Because proof of company eligibility is required, corporate memberships cannot be conducted online. Please call your local YMCA center to determine your employer’s proof of eligibility requirements, then simply visit the Member Services desk to be placed in your company’s “Group.”

Become A Corporate Member

If your company is not currently a Corporate Member, but you would like to learn more about our Corporate Member partnerships and how the Y can benefit you, please contact:

Linda Server

Association Sr. Director of Membership Sales & Retention

Corporate Membership Enrollment Qualifications:

The YMCA waives 100% of the Joining Fee for all employees. The company is not required to contribute toward their employees’ monthly membership rates, but may choose to do so in any amount (1-100%). To be a corporate member company, the company will pay an annual fee based on company size.

The YMCA shall have promotional access to the employees of Corporate Members.

Membership dues may be paid by bank draft or credit card draft. The method of dues payment shall be uniform for all employees at the same company.

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