Rebecca Turns Her Goals Into Her Passion

Rebecca's goal of being healthy comes to life Rebecca Salman is a staff member at the Baxter YMCA. But her journey started in December of 2014 when s...

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OASIS Educational Series: Digital Couponing – Online Grocery Shopping @ Jordan YMCA
Nov 19 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Greetings, YMCA Friends. Oasis invites you to join us this fall at the Jordan YMCA. Enjoy stimulating conversation, challenging learning and interaction with your peers.

Digital Couponing – Online Grocery Shopping
Barbara Bluiett

Companies across the country are making the move toward digital couponing, rather than relying on print. This is a part of the online shopping world that can be easily overlooked. Learn how to best use digital couponing and shopping for groceries online.

To register call 317-369-3751  or use the registration form HERE!

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The training I received at the Jordan Y increased my balance and strengthened my legs. I am now walking without a walker or cane.


Terry Farley Beats the Odds at the Baxter YMCA

Why Terry Farley Joined The Baxter YMCA Terry Farley has been a member at the Baxter YMCA for about one year now. Everybody has their own reason for ...

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