Small Groups. Big Results. T.E.A.M Atmosphere

“TEAM: Train with Effort, Attitude, and Mission”

The Y’s Small Group Training (SGT) program is focused on T.E.A.M. Training.  This is an effective way to get fit and stay motivated, and is growing in demand! The YMCA’s SGT Program is for people who want an extra edge in their training. Instructor “coaches”  challenge small teams of 6 to 12 people to achieve a higher level of fitness through science-based, month-long progressive training using circuit, interval and cardio equipment.

Built-in Support:  ONE TEAM. ONE GOAL.

Small Group Training (SGT) gives you the built-in support and expertise of a certified trainer, plus a team environment to hold you accountable and keep it fun. YMCA members receive reduced pricing on SGT classes, although you do not have to be a member to sign up.

The SGT program focuses on four pillars that work together to  keep your workouts fun, motivational, and effective:

  1. Progressive Training Cycles (keeps exercises safe & works through plateaus)

  2. Specificity of Training (targets your unique goals)

  3. Results Driven (shows progress being made)

  4. Social Connections (keep activities fun and exciting, motivating everyone to come back week after week!)

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