Find Volunteer Opportunities at the Jordan YMCA

Walk into the Jordan Y and you will quickly learn that it’s the “people” who make it a such a special place.

By choosing to volunteer, you are not only enriching your life but the life of someone else in your community. You’ll gain confidence in learning a new skill or by taking on a new challenge. You’ll meet new and different people as well as make new friends. You’ll have fun, and most importantly, you’ll be a part of the Y community. Our volunteers are passionate, engaged citizens with a common goal to make a real difference in our community… that’s quite an experience and one whose value cannot be measured.

We offer a variety of opportunities include special events, Wellness Center Assistants, and Youth Sport Coaches

We thank you in advance for taking the time to check out our volunteer opportunities and hope you take the next step to help us carry out the YMCA’s mission within our community.

Make a difference in your community today by volunteering at the Jordan Y. To get started, simply visit Volunteer Matters to search for current volunteer opportunities.

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