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Ransburg YMCA is where we feel we belong!

September 7, 2017
Meet Anna and John Nelson - the twin couple as I like to call them! They have 41 years of journey at the Ransburg YMCA. Since, the time I started with the Ransburg YMCA, it has been a pleasure to get acquainted with the duo as they start their day at Y early morning dressed up in matching t-shirts. They are like one of the true advocates of the Y - they wear the Y, they live the Y, they make us who work at the Y realize how important an organization like the YMCA is for a vast group of the community to feel a sense of belonging and be a part of it. Ransburg YMCA | YMCA Centers | YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

Here's a small excerpt about their 41 years of journey at the Ransburg YMCA in their own words:

"We have been members of the Ransburg YMCA since 1974. Our first experience with the Ransburg came when our son was in elementary school, his teacher suggested joining the Y to help with his physical development and growth and to learn to swim. Ever since then we enjoy everything about the YMCA, but above all, we enjoy the atmosphere and feeling of belonging. We have also found that working out is a huge mood booster. We feel the YMCA is important to the community because it’s a place for families and children to feel safe and it helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are most thankful for Phil and Blane, both Ransburg personal trainers that have helped us promote healthier living as well as gain strength in every aspect of our lives as we age. We now have the strength to take better care of each other and continue to live independently." says Anna and John.

41 years of journey shoutout

Here's a shout out to Anna and John and their 41 years of journey. We appreciate them being a valuable member and help us live our mission of strong body, mind and spirit in a true sense.

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