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Ami Sheds Pounds, Tones Muscles with Small Group Training

June 17, 2019
Over two years, Ami had gained 30 lbs. while at an extremely stressful job. She was unhappy and did not feel healthy at all. Fortunately, she was able to land a new job that allowed her to get up often. She was averaging 15,000-18,000 steps a day and was coming regularly to the Hendricks Regional Health  YMCA to workout. With her new training routine, she was able to lose 15 lbs. but was still not seeing the progress she was hoping for. [caption id="attachment_14684" align="alignright" width="132"]Amy at her old job before she started working out Ami before Small Group Training[/caption] A handful of vacations to Florida and Hawaii planned had her searching for a workout that was going to change things up. Not only did she want to feel comfortable in a bathing suit, but she also wanted to get to a healthier version of herself. Ami joined the Small Group Training (SGT) program in June 2018, when it was offered free for YMCA employees. Her plan was to try SGT for June only as her budget didn't allow for paid classes. After one or two weeks however, SGT had her working out unlike she ever had before. New training components and challenging movements gave her an edge. Once her free month was up, she decided she couldn't give it up.

Transformation over a year

[caption id="attachment_14669" align="alignright" width="349"]Amy after a year of Small Group Training classes Amy 25 lbs. lighter[/caption] Fast forward a year later and Ami has transformed both physically and mentally. She has lost 16.5 total inches and is 25 lbs. lighter... 10 more than her goal! Not only has she lost weight but she's gained muscle and is more toned. She credits these workouts as the key to her feeling as great. Ami attends 4-5 classes a week and has even started coming in at 5 a.m. (she said I would never do that)!
"The trainers make it fun (yes, a workout can be fun!) and are motivating. They have the circuit already thought out, planned out, laid out. All you have to do is show up. The stations are timed and work all parts of the body. Each week is different, whether its fundamentals, strength or high-intensity and there is also a kickboxing (T.E.A.M. Combat) format too! Kickboxing is yet another way they mix it up and make it fun." I would suggest anyone give it a try for at least a month, planning to come to at least three classes a week. I have enjoyed it so much, and it has gotten me to a point where I feel in great shape and in great health. I would be lost without my SGT!"

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Ami Sheds Pounds, Tones Muscles with Small Group Training

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