Alicia: “The Y is My Community, My Other Family”

I joined the YMCA in 2009, and it was the best decision I ever made. Someone from the Y came to the IPS school where I worked and told us about a special rate, but I didn’t follow up until a year later. I was working full-time in my second year of doing my Masters, and decided I needed to finally sign up. Working out for me helps to relieve stress, and doing a Masters and working full-time was pretty stressful. The atmosphere was “no judgement” and “we’ll help you achieve your fitness goal,” so I got started. With my free wellness appointments, the classes and personal training, I was on my way in my new community. Honestly, I got to know everyone’s names, and it felt like family.

Alicia benefited from financial assistance at the YI needed to stay on course

In the fall of 2011, I was invited to teach as a visiting professor of ESL at a university in Mexico for six months. When I returned in December, I had to take educational leave until March of 2012. I’d seen some of the stories of other members posted around the center, and one of them was about a man who couldn’t afford the membership, but the Y worked with him to cover the cost. So I decided to ask if I could receive a temporary reduction in my monthly payment. During my leave, I had to give up some things, but I wasn’t willing to give up my Y membership. I needed to stay on course, especially during the research and writing of my thesis. Needless to say, the Y worked with me, and I was able to keep my membership. I was grateful then, and I still am.

Yes, this is my community. My other family.

– Alicia

Learn more about financial assistance

Is the cost of a membership keeping you from committing to a healthy lifestyle? Learn more about income-based pricing at the Y or make a donation to your Y’s annual campaign to help others like Alicia.