The Y: Benefits Far Greater Than Physical Health

Prea is a strong young girl who suffers from eczema which has caused her hair to fall out and her pigment to change in her hands. She joined the YMCA in hopes to stay active and develop healthy habits that would remain throughout her life.

She found that the benefits are far greater than just physical health. She gained confidence that came from learning to eat right and building positive relationships.

With her participation at the YMCA she has rebuilt herself from the inside out. Along with prayer, consistency, determination, and the help of God, she was able to lose nearly 30 pounds!

She continues to strive to make her temple the best it can possibly be for herself. Prea’s determination is inspiring to all, and the YMCA has taught her and others about staying active and engaging in physical activity.

Prea | Y Story | Avondale Meadows | News | YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

Prea at the Avondale Meadows YMCA

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