Indy 5th grader: "The Y Future Leaders Program changed my life"

The Avondale Meadows YMCA Y Future leaders program is a social skills and character development program that can transform the life of youth ages 14-19 who’ve been involved in or are at risk of entering the Juvenile Court system. The teens get to do fun, health and wellness activities together and learn about drug prevention and other essential life skills. They receive academic support and training on job-readiness skills that help prepare them for the workforce. With help from mentors and positive social interactions with their peers, they develop leadership skills and learn how to make healthy decisions in a positive, supportive environment. It’s a win-win for the kids and our community!

A visit from Y Future Leaders meant a lot to these 5th Graders

Avondale Meadows YMCA Y Future Leaders

“The Y Future Leaders Program changed my life. I didn’t listen to my grandma. When she would tell me to do something I would get mad, talk back and mumble under my breath. My grandma signed me up for the program and I stopped talking back and did what she told me to do. I don’t get in trouble anymore at school. I now try my best not to make bad choices. Thank you for helping me to become a better person.” -Michael, 5th Grade

“I am so thankful that you came to my classroom to teach us about being a future leader. Your lessons pushed me to do great things and confirm the justice in doing the right thing. I want to be President. When you talked about the active listener, it made me realized how citizens’ need to be heard and how I need to listen. I am a future leader.” -Arial, 5th Grade

“Thanks for being a great team. Also, for teaching me a lot about life choices and what can happen when I make them.” -Maucelia, 5th Grade

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Registration is open for upcoming cohorts. Pick up a form at the Avondale Meadows YMCA. To enroll, please contact Alexis Smyth at 317.549.9622. This program would not be possible without generous support from the community.

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