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Baxter YMCA Holds Many Memories for Wells Family

July 18, 2019
Beverly Wells and her children made lifelong memories going to the Y nearly everyday. They did basketball, football, soccer, swimming, diving, Day Camp, the Y Indian tribe and so much more. She chose the Y for her family among other reasons, because it's “a place of fun with protection.” [caption id="attachment_15045" align="alignright" width="300"]Beverly with her adult children Beverly with her adult children[/caption] In the summer, Beverly observed leaders of the children's Day Camps and was impressed with how each child was handled with care.
"I give full credit to the outstanding leadership and management that the Baxter Y disseminated throughout my children’s lives,” Wells said. “Most of all, I highly recommend Baxter to any parent who wants to enhance their child's life in such a way that will give their child a sense of confidence in themselves. Baxter supports that attitude; they encourage the child and build up that "can do" attitude.”

The Wells Kids Grow Up

As the Wells family grew older, they did more activities. Instead of day camp, the kids used the training rooms and the pool nearly every day.
“My son loves working out in the weight room, and my daughter who learned to swim at the Y, still swims,” Wells said.
[caption id="attachment_15044" align="alignright" width="200"]Wells trained at the Baxter Y to prepare for a walk across Spain Wells trained at the Baxter Y to prepare for a walk across Spain[/caption] Beverly's daughter set a backstroke record at the Y when she was 8 years old. Her son worked out at the Baxter Y to prepare for his walk across Spain. They live in different states now, and when they're in town they still go to the Baxter YMCA.

Beverly explores Active Older Adults

Beverly is a senior now with more time on her hands. She loves going to the pool throughout the year and is learning how to play Pickle Ball. She hopes to be more involved in the Silver Sneakers group to stay in shape. A recent diabetes health check for seniors was one of many resources she can use to stay on top of her health.
“I’m always impressed by all the activities that Baxter offers all ages,” Wells said.
From taking her kids to daycare, then using the Wellness Center, and now being part of senior programs, Beverly has spent many years at the Baxter YMCA. She has some advice,
[caption id="attachment_15050" align="alignright" width="300"]Beverly Wells with her children Beverly Wells with her children[/caption] “It is essential that the South side community surrounding Baxter support this great organization. How fortunate for the children who attend Baxter. They may not realize it now, but one day they will look back and say how much it meant to them.”
Beverly and her children still come to the Baxter YMCA because of the great facility, friendly staff and the wonderful memories they have being there. As her family can confirm, the Baxter YMCA has something for the entire family. Visit the programs and activities page for a full list. You're sure to find something for everyone in your family, just like the Wells did!

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Baxter YMCA Holds Many Memories for Wells Family

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