Finding Strength

Rebecca Salman was in pretty good shape until her twenties. It was then she said she began struggling with depression, and as a result, she had little energy and ate poorly.

Caring for her daughter, attending school, and working left little time for exercise.

“I would occasionally try fad diets only to lose a lot of weight at once, and then gain it back along with a few extra pounds,” she said. “I often avoided scales, but one day I went to the doctor and had to weigh myself. I was a couple of pounds shy of 200 when I realized how much my depression had taken over. I really needed to make a lifestyle change so I could start feeling better.”

Fighting Depression

Rebecca turned to her faith for inspiration, specifically this verse: “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” (1 Corinthians 6:19)

It was then that she said she prayed that God would help her feel motivated to take care of herself.

Rebecca wanted to boost her metabolism and thought weightlifting would best the best way to do so, but she was intimidated and unsure. It was when she met James, her personal trainer and associate wellness director, that things started to change. He gave her a free training demonstration and she was hooked.

They continued with total body workouts. As she got stronger, they focused on strengthening certain muscle groups. After about six months she started training on the side for a half marathon thanks to some cardio workouts he gave her to build endurance.

“James really showed that he cared about my goals being met,” she said. “Each day after we trained he would ask me how I felt. He was really good at working with my fitness level but still made me push myself at every workout. Even after eight months of training, I was still learning new techniques to add to my workout routine.”

Rebecca said that her biggest accomplishment is beating her depression.

 I have so much energy now, and I eat healthier. I never thought I would say I love to exercise, but I do.”
healthy food helps fight depression
She lost 27 pounds and six sizes. Rather than feeling self-conscious in the weight area, Rebecca is comfortable lifting weights and helps others too.

She works out six days a week and is proud of the example she sets for her daughter. She has taught her daughter healthy ways to fight depression and how to take care of herself.

While Rebecca is now confident on her own, she still values what James taught her and the guidance he gave her throughout her journey.

James helped me stay accountable to my goals. I would not have been able to make working out a habit without his accountability and motivation.”

James gave Rebecca workout plans each week. He was there to offer advice and ensure that her form was good to avoid injury. After eight months of training, Rebecca still looks to James for advice when she’s working out on her own. It’s a friendship that both trainer and trainee can hold onto for years to come.

We are so excited be a part of her overcoming her depression.

She works out six days a week, and is proud of the example she sets for her daughter.

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