Having fun while staying healthy

Healthy Workout In Military

Gerald “Jerry” Shutt is a 66 year old Navy veteran. His time in the military was cut short in 1973 as a result of an illness that prompted a 60 pound weight loss in addition to diminished strength and overall good health.  Jerry decided to join a gym and was able to regain some of his weight and strength.

He successfully trained to compete in marathons in Chicago, Boston and Detroit. His health remained good for quite some time until his priorities changed slightly, causing him to reach 185 pounds.  His health began to decline until he just decided he needed to get back on track.

Jerry Joins the Y

7 years ago Jerry joined the Y. He participates in Body Pump and Spinning classes.  His strength is up, his weight is down.  Since starting his healthy workout at the Y he is free of any health issues, his body fat percentage is lower now than it was when he served in the Navy and he maintains a blood pressure of 110/70.

Jerry’s approach for exercising is simple, “If it’s not fun, I just won’t do it!”