Meet our preschool teachers

Meet the Baxter YMCA preschool teachers. No matter which class you choose, your child will discover how wonderful learning can be!

Welcome to the Baxter YMCA Preschool Program

My name is Sandy Boshears. I teach the 2/3 combo classes in the pavilion. I have been married for 17 and have four children. They are involved in baseball, wrestling, football and dance. I graduated in 2006 with a degree in elementary education from Indiana University. I have more than 7 years of experience working in preschool. I have worked with kids ranging from 2 years to fifth grade. My favorite part of teaching is that moment when you can tell a student has gotten what you are trying to teach. There is nothing like it!


  • ABC’s
  • Shapes
  • Socialization

My name is Angel Wetter. This is my 3rd year with the Baxter YMCA working with children from ages 2- to 4-years-old. This will be my 2nd year teaching in the 2/3 combos classroom. I am a degree professional in Early Childhood Education and a proud mother of two young boys with special needs. My children began preschool here at the Baxter YMCA and it transformed our life. This is the reason I’ve chosen to continue my career to the Baxter YMCA – to give back to the community that embraced and helped my children thrive educationally, socially, and emotionally. I love providing children with hands-on experiences to encourage growth and development, and encouraging exploration through sensory input and play. I am looking forward to having your child in my class.


  •   Thanksgiving feast
  • Hands-on science projects
  • Learningexploring through sensory play

My name is Jennefer Burgess. I have worked at the Y for 10 years. I have been the Lead Teacher for the 3/4‘s class for 3 years and taught the 2/3’s prior to that. I like to emphasize learning through music, movement and sensory. I try to combine student interest with the academic, social, and emotional goals to create centers that are interesting and engaging. There is so much fun and enjoyment that coincides with academic advancement and social and educational progression. I look forward every year to getting to know each child’s unique and remarkable personality and growing together throughout the year to be ready for all education opportunities.


  • Name recognition and beginning handwriting
  • Bring your stuffed animal to school day
  • Turkey hunt day
  • We have a class fish!

My name is Tracy Imel. I teach Pre-K Mon/Wed/Fri mornings and afternoons, as well as the Tues/Thur 9 am – 1 pm class. This is my 15th year teaching at the Baxter YMCA Preschool. I have a CDA specializing in ages 3 to 5. I enjoy working with children and watching them grow. As a teacher, I believe that it is my responsibility to make a safe, fun and interesting learning environment for the children in my class. I always strive to make my classroom a fun place where children want to explore and learn. I do my best to teach children the essential skills they need to go to Kindergarten, but I also try to make learning fun so that children will have a positive experience with school and look forward to learning each day.


Mon/Wed/Fri AM & PM:

  • We blast off and explore space.
  • We cook in class.
  • We have an end of the year water fight.


  • We eat lunch in class and learn about healthy eating.
  • We do lots of fun science experiments
  • We learn songs to teach us how to spell the colors.

My name is Carolyn Ausbrooks and I am the lead teacher for the Monday through Thursday morning PreK class. I have been teaching preschool at the Baxter YMCA for over 30 years, after graduating from IUPUI with a B.S. in Elementary Education.

I love teaching this age group because of their enthusiasm for learning and their emerging social skills. It is also exciting to watch them grow, become more independent, and become prepared for kindergarten.  I especially enjoy teaching the four-day class because learning can be carried over to consecutive days and having four days allows us to explore topics more extensively.


  • Science and math activities
  • Social Studies – during our community helper week, a fire truck visits!
  • Fun! – Wild, Wild Rodeo during cowboy week

My name is Kathy McCain, and I teach the Pre-K Plus class. I have been at the Baxter Y preschool for 16 years. I taught the Tuesday/Thursday class for 14 years. This is my second year teaching the Pre-K Plus class. It is great to see the kids every day and I am able to do a lot more with five days! I believe learning should be fun and hope preschool will begin a love of learning for every child. Some of the activities we will learn are reading sight words, shoe tying, writing with pencils, using manners, the importance of healthy eating, and how to count to 100 by 5’s and 10’s.


  • Fun Friday: cooking, science, nature hikes, gross motor (running laps), etc.
  • End of year endurance race for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons
  • 100 day party with a bounce house
  • Space Day with a space station obstacle course
  • Safari week with Safari Steve
  • Last day: Camp Day
  • Peanut the puppy travels the world to learn about other cultures and countries