Personal training brings strength after surgery

By: Molly Zoller

Having to stop dance

My level of fitness was very good through my 40’s and early 50’s. Then, I had a serious abdominal surgery and knee surgeries to repair cartilage tears.  Physical Therapy helps a great deal, but I was told I could not continue the dance ministry I enjoyed so much at my church.  My level of confidence was very low regarding how active I could be.

After semi-retirement, when I began to have more time at the Y, I began to regain some strength and endurance again, but I had a free demo by one of the trainers and decided I wanted to try training to see if a program individualized for me could help me regain even more.

When I began [personal training], my stability with knee movements and balance were very poor. Each week, though, I began to do things that I thought I could no longer do.  I was so eager to get to each session and see what new feats I might be able to accomplish.

My trainer is so knowledgeable and organized in how she prepares for my sessions. She challenges me, but she knows what my weaknesses are and is very careful that I do not experience an injury.  She motivates me, encourages me, and giggles with me!

I have become so much stronger. I can even do some weights and moves that equal my trainer’s!  I have received lots of nutritional coaching from my trainer and am doing meal planning and preparing healthy meals on a daily basis, which is a first for me.

I have regained so much strength and balance and my confidence level has soared. I have even been able to resume teaching dance again at my church, which is my passion.  I have greater stamina and accomplish more at home and at work, and I find myself being much more positive and joyful.

My trainer has become a great friend, and I feel a deep sense of her compassion toward me and her role as a mentor. I value her highly and love the camaraderie we have.  I look forward to our times together as a bright spot in my life.

Personal Training

I have become so much stronger. I can even do some weights and moves that equal my trainer’s!

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