Nursing student finds balance between life, work, and working out

Nursing student Sarah O’Brien has always been an active individual, but like most working adults, her schedule forced her to find time to work out. Now that she’s working and attending school to become a nurse, she turned to a personal trainer for an efficient and effective workout.

Nursing Student

In the past, Sarah enjoyed taking yoga classes and participating in Synergy at the Baxter YMCA. One of her favorite Synergy instructors, Kim, is also a personal trainer, so when her schedule became too busy to attend Synergy regularly, she turned to Kim for some one-on-one time.

“My goal, when I started working with Kim, was to have some accountability with my workouts and with improving my nutrition. In the past, I had been very active in swimming, but once I graduated in 2014 and started working, I became less and less active,” Sarah said. “This only got worse once I started nursing school. In classes, we learn how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle.”

Finding balance between work, school, and health has been eye-opening for Sarah.

“Working with Kim has also helped me work on improving my overall lifestyle with a healthy diet. Rather than talking about dieting, we focus more on healthy eating habits. I really appreciate this outlook. This helps it feel more realistic to achieve a healthy diet.”

Sarah has also set new goals for herself, including running the Mini Marathon in the spring.

“Running has always been a challenge for me, so having Kim’s support and guidance has been incredibly helpful. I never thought I could run even a mile, and now I am building the confidence to be able run 13.1 miles!”

Reasons Sarah wanted to be a nursing student

Holding two undergraduate degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology, Sarah works in a group home for adults with a mental health diagnosis as well as a history of chronic homelessness. Working with this population inspired her to go back to school to be a nursing student. She will graduate in August and hopes to continue her work in mental health.