As luck would have it

It was luck that brought Shanna Brinegar to a a new group fitness class at the Baxter YMCA.

lucky free month of synergy classes
Shanna’s favorite moves are the I,T,Y exercises and renegade row on TRX bands.

“I always wanted to try it, but didn’t want to commit to a full month of something that had an additional cost,” Shanna said.

Trying Synergy By Luck

Shanna donated to the Annual Campaign and was entered in a drawing to win a month of Synergy.

As it turns out, her free month paid off. And, to date, she has participated for 6 months.

“I could tell my whole body was stronger after the second month. I was lifting heavier weights, doing more repetitions of exercises that used just body weight, and was even able to do full (un-modified) burpees!”

Shanna’s motivation came from a New Year’s Resolution to lose 10 inches by the end of the year. Rather than setting a weight-loss goal, she decided to focus on body shape. When she reached her goal, she decided to set a new one and lost a total of 20 inches by September!

“I keep coming back to Synergy because the personal trainers are amazing and create challenging and rewarding workouts! The team atmosphere adds the right amount of accountability to keep me engaged in the class, plus once I saw results – I was addicted.”

Synergy is designed to offer the most effective workout possible by combining cardiovascular and strength training in a circuit-style workout. Designed for all fitness levels, Synergy is about more than just working out. It is about getting results, maintaining a level of fitness, and being held accountable to reach your goals.

Shanna appreciates the accountability from both the personal trainer leading the class and her teammates.

She admits that it was intimidating at first, but for anyone feeling she’s not up to it, Shanna says, “It always looks worse than it is! Get out of your head and just do it.”