Terri Bradley and the Baxter YMCA


Terri Bradley started with the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis as an intern second semester her senior year in college. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to take a Program Director position at The Baxter YMCA that same year in the fall.


41 years and numerous positions later, Terri has decided to retire from her current role as Associate Executive Director at Baxter. While she is truly looking forward to spending more time with the “love of her life”, husband Steve, their four kids and two grand kids, it is also with a heavy heart that Terri leaves the Y.


Terri (Doyle) Bradley teaching swim lessons in her early career.

Terri has made an impact on Baxter in more ways than we could count. Her involvement with our Active Older Adult programming allowed Terri to really focus on the needs of our 55+ demographic group, she held her certification in life guarding for a number of years, taught water fitness classes, in addition to her work with volunteers, partnerships that bring diversity to the forefront, center specific safety concerns, and our Annual Golf Outing, just to name a few!


When asked how the Y has changed she said, “Camp had about 30 kids in it back then. Now, under normal circumstances, our numbers are closer to 600! The staff has changed immensely. They have evolved with the Y, to meet the needs of the community.” She went on to add, “The Y has grown to serve the south side. We still struggle to demonstrate our overall impact, but the Y is really just so much more than a gym! Our partnership with the schools have grown, Kiwanis is a strong partnership, and so much more.”

Terri referenced the F3 tornado that touched down in 2002, causing damage to the area around the Y and leaving The Baxter YMCA in total shambles. She was not in the building at the time that it hit but she remembers the way the community came together to help the Y continue to serve. “We did swim lessons at the Benedict Inn, had offices located at Polk Place in Greenwood, offered programming at a building Hubler provided for us, and continued to offer preschool classes at the Christ United Methodist Church on 31.” Terri went on to say, “They all came together to help us, it was just amazing to emerge from all of the damage and barely skip a beat; all because of our community understanding how important the Baxter YMCA was to the south side.”


When asked what she will miss the most about the Y Terri said, “The people. All of the different personalities are just awesome. Also, each day is different with new challenges and new opportunities. Something really special about the Y is the history. Baxter opened up on the south side in 1965. A small group of individuals came together to give southern Indianapolis something it desperately needed.” Terri explained, “We have been fortunate enough to see families grow with us. Parents who learned how to swim at Baxter years ago are now bringing their kids and grand kids to us for swim lessons.”


Terri has seen members come and go and she has watched our members grow with us in so many ways. “It is a real gift to build these relationships with our members, to watch them build their families and still make Baxter a part of their routine. I have been privileged to be a part something so impactful to so many on a multitude of levels. Truly blessed!”

Terri spending time with Baxter members
Terri celebrating with members at Baxter.

Those of us that have worked closely with Terri Bradley over the years have been privileged to witness her passion, intense motivation, compassion for others, and her genuine love for the YMCA. We will miss seeing her smiling face, and hearing her daily declaration that “IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE AT THE YMCA!”