Meet Pastor Teddy Conn, Volunteer Chaplain at the Baxter Y


Vertical Church congregation members and youth

Vertical Church calls the Baxter YMCA home just like so many of our members.

Teddy has served in the ministry for 19 years and counting. As a child, he was always curious about God. He had a conversation with his Dad on the topic who then agreed to take Teddy to a church service. This resulted in a lifelong relationship with the church for both Teddy and his parents. They found the community in the church; they found family and a sense of home and belonging.


Teddy has experienced tragedy in his life, some of it is devastating and some of it less so. He is very grateful when he explains that God was there each and every step of the way to comfort him and help to bare the burden of his loss and pain.

That is Teddy’s goal with Vertical Church. He wants to be able to create a place where people on the south side can come to worship, to lean on God through life’s little (or not so little) speed bumps. Prior to starting Vertical Church, Teddy served in a multitude of roles starting with Youth Minister, Associate Pastor, Worship Leader, and Sr. Pastor. He is now building a community of faith, family, and friendship here at Baxter with the Vertical Church.  Family is important to Teddy which is why he really makes his ministry a family affair.  Wife Amanda, daughter Makynlee, son Dallas, and youngest son Braxton are all a big part of the Vertical Church.  This family makes faith and God a priority in their lives and you can feel that through his ministry.

Pastor of Vertical Church
Pastor Teddy, Wife Amanda, Daughter Makynlee, son Dallas, and youngest son, Braxton


He also emphasizes that you don’t have to be a member of the congregation to benefit from Teddy’s guidance. He is also Baxter YMCA’s Volunteer Chaplain. He wants all of our members to know and understand that he is here. He will pray with you, he will be a listening ear when you need one. He will be your friend and help you find the community that all people crave as a basic human need. Vertical Church meets each Sunday in the South Gym from 10:30 AM-1 PM. Teddy is also in the building fairly often to lend an ear, shake a hand, provide spiritual guidance, or all of the above.

Stop by the Baxter YMCA on a Sunday at 10:30 AM and see what all of the excitement is about.  Or look for Teddy at the Center.  They offer prayer table opportunities but he will make himself available to you when you need him.


Teddy Conn shares Gods word

Teddy Conn shares Gods word with his congregation

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