Overcoming Challenges

Chris Carron began inspiring others when he realized that he needed to be in good health for his work and every day life. His past knee injuries and a lifetime of insulin-dependent diabetes was taking a toll on his health. Carron is either sitting at his desk all day or climbing through rocky terrain on a mountainside for his work. He needed to be ready for anything.

“Because of my diabetes and previous surgeries, I faced a lot of challenges to exercising like regulating my blood sugar and preventing further injuries. Working with a personal trainer, and specifically Ron, provides me somebody with expertise and experience who can problem solve to overcome my constraints. I originally went with weight loss as my primary goal, but Ron helped me to realize that function & strength were more important for me, and that the weight loss would come as a result of the training and diet.”

Ron began with introducing Carron to how to properly use equipment then went as far as providing routines and guidelines for Carron to use when he works out by himself. “I exercise because I want to improve, and I want him to see my improvement. He pushes me to improve my level of exercise, while monitoring to make sure I don’t risk injury.  Ron is a great problem solver, and can always strategize alternate ways of accomplishing tasks that best suit my personal strengths and weaknesses.” This method has worked for Carron and the facts prove it. Since working with Ron, his hemoglobin A1c has dropped from 7.9 to 7.1!

Trainer Inspiring Others In The Gym

“Working with Ron has given me confidence to challenge myself physically without worrying about creating new health issues or injuries. While recently hiking several miles up to an archaeological site 11,000ft about sea level for my work, I immediately thought back to and was grateful for my training with Ron, knowing that I now can do this without hurting my knee or my heart, and even realized I was doing better than my much younger colleague!”

“It is an honor to know and work with Ron. He exhibits all the best of what you should experience at the YMCA. He is welcoming and personable, but always focused on the task I am there to accomplish. He brings me access to the knowledge I lack, and makes me feel better about myself.”

Chris’s impactful story won the Benjamin Harrison YMCA Inspire Us contest. Inspiring others like Chris did starts with the first step. To start your story today, contact Cody at cmartin@indymca.org.

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