YMCA Member of 10years pushes aside her excuses and goes for it

Lisa Zainey has been a YMCA Member for over 10 years. She didn’t get the most out of her membership until she pushed her excuses aside and just did it.


Lisa retired in the spring of 2017. All of a sudden, one large excuse for not working out, was not there anymore. She was already a member and had a bit more free time now than she had in the past. It was time to focus on herself.

She began taking Yoga with Beth. Beth instilled the idea in Lisa that “You can do this.” Beth references Yoga as a gateway exercise and she is the perfect instructor for it.

“Beth instilled confidence in me,” Lisa recalled.


With Beth’s encouragement, Lisa was ready to take her workout to the next level. She saw a flyer for the Weight Loss Challenge. Lisa signed up and the rest is history. Lisa was the All-Star for the first ever Challenge losing the most weight at 20 pounds.

“The Weight Loss Challenge gives team support and accountability.”

Since the first Challenge, Lisa has been a part of every single challenge losing a total of 36.8 pounds.


During the Challenge, Lisa also started to log what she ate. She was holding herself accountable for not only the workouts, but also the amount of calories she put in.

Personal Trainer, Terry Zoubul, once told Lisa that “When you eat one slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, you have to walk on the treadmill for 6 hours.”

This resonated with Lisa, showing just how much your food choices effected your wellness journey as your workouts do.


Beside the weight loss, Lisa has also made a lot of good friends at the YMCA. Carol, a member with another inspiring story, has become Lisa’s best Y friend.

“Working out is hard, but getting to see the people I’ve met makes it fun and adds motivation. It also gives me a sense of accountability to showing up.”


Deep Water BOQUA, Deep Water Aerobics, and Personal Training with Cynthia are some new items that Lisa has been trying out lately to give her a better-rounded workout. Cynthia drives Lisa to push herself to the next level. Tom Ford, the creator and instructor of BOQUA, has the same effect, just in the water. It is important to have strong personal trainers and instructors to push members, positively, to do their best.


Lisa loves to travel and it has been her motivation to keep moving. Whether she’s hiking in Europe or sightseeing in America, she does not want her health to be what holds her back from enjoying an experience.

Lisa has enrolled herself in the Zero Gain Campaign, motivating her to stay in check over the holidays. So if you see her around, give a word of encouragement.

The next session for Weight Loss Challenge begins the week of January 7. Find your team today and start your New Year routine off with a bang.

Lisa: March 2017 vs September 2018

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