Ellie writes her Y story in her own words

She may only be 9, but Ellie has been a participant in Y swimming program for many years.

She has written her own Y story about what she has gained through YMCA swim programs.

“My name is Ellie Hamilton. I am nine years old. I am on the swim team for the “Benjamin Harrison YMCA.” Swim team has helped me feel more confident in myself. I also fell better in a pool or ocean because I know how to swim better. I have made friends by being a member on a team. My favorite stroke is freestyle. The stroke I needed to work on the most was butterfly. My coaches helped me lose 20 seconds on my butterfly. The coaches also helped me not worry about running into the wall when I do backstroke by making sure I know my stroke count before I hit the wall either to flip or stay there.

Private lessons with Ms. Zoey helped me with learning different strokes at my own pave. We were able to focus on what I needed to practice the most. I learned how to dive in private lessons a lot better than I did before. I got to work on the things I was worried about in meets and what I thought I needed to work on.

The YMCA has shown me no matter how old you are, you can still have fun with swimming. My goal is to keep swimming in High School. I am trying really hard to accomplish one of my dreams to go to state.

All of the coaches helped me accomplish my swimming dreams and help me get better at everything in swimming.”

Ellie Hamilton
Age 9

Ellie has learned a lot from being a part of the Benjamin Harrison YMCA Barracudas Swim Team

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