2013: The Year that Steve Joined the Y and it Changed His Life

Three years ago, Steve Barnes was diagnosed with a rare condition called Transverse Myelitis; which is inflammation of the spinal cord that can cause pain, weakness and paralysis of muscles. The disease progressed over time causing a very active man to be bound to a wheelchair.

With this extreme life change, Steve and his wife came to the Benjamin Harrison YMCA in search of a fitness facility. They wanted a facility that could help him regain his mobility, strength, increase his range of motion, and most importantly, help him to walk again.

Like Steve, many older adults come to the Y seeking support and assistance in improving their quality of life. Steve and a Wellness advisor, Lorrayne, worked together on his confidence, strength and mobility. After three months, Steve joined the Enhance® Fitness Class, an evidence-based group exercise program for older adults.
Today, Steve can be seen doing a few sit-to-stand exercises, walking with two canes, lifting 8 pound weights and even dancing in class to the “twist.” Overall, Steve is more fit than he was just a few months ago and looks healthier too.

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Steve and his wife at the Benjamin Harrison YMCA

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