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Cancer survivor discovers healthy living is the best medicine

February 12, 2018
When Sara Buchwald found out that she had breast cancer, it could have stopped her in her tracks, but her strong will and positive attitude sent her down the path to finding a cure. With careful consideration, Sara chose to have a double mastectomy. The surgeon removed 11 tumors; 7 were malignant. She went through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, followed by another round of chemotherapy. With all the research she had done on breast cancer treatment, the most powerful information she found was that nutrition and regular exercise aids the healing and recovery process. So, she made the call to the Y.

Cancer Survivors regain strength, endurance

The Member Services Desk told her about LIVESTRONG @ the YMCA, a 12-week training program designed to help patients and survivors regain strength and endurance. Looking back, she said that she “can’t believe people aren’t lined up outside the door to get in. LIVESTRONG is a gift. It helps you to be spiritually sound, and that’s what you need for recovery because you can make better decisions about life.”

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Cancer survivor discovers healthy living is the best...

After spending thousands of dollars on medical bills, Sara was relieved to be able to participate in LIVESTRONG at the YMCA free.

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