The Year that Jon Joined the Y Changed His Life

Jon lived one block from the YMCA, but never stepped foot inside. He didn’t work out, nor did his wife, until they decided to make a change – to be better and healthier. They joined the YMCA at the City Market and Jon was encouraged to sign up for Mini-Marathon training that culminated with a race in five months.

Training began and Jon was at the back of the pack, pushing a 15 minute mile, but his YMCA running coach was right there to encourage him along. Jon got healthier, fitter and faster each day. After five months of training, Jon completed the 13.1 mile half-marathon!

After he completed the race, Jon caught the running bug. He signed up for more races, joined the Indy Runners Club at the YMCA at the Athenaeum and met people that motivated and challenged him. He also discovered spinning classes and could be found pedaling three times per week between runs.

Jon completed more than 17 races in 2015, many of which were ultra-marathons, more than 30 miles each. Jon and his wife joined the Y  and his life has been forever changed.