Annie’s Story

Annie has worked in a city-county office building next to the YMCA at the City Market Y for years. She had never stepped into the Y until a promotion caught her eye and she decided to try. Her journey started out of simple curiosity and has now become a lifestyle.

Community is what is important in my life and that is what I have found at the YMCA at the City Market.  The staff and members have helped me stick with my routine at the Y. I have found a healthy lifestyle. Annie’s first move at the Y was participating in a workout challenge that required her to exercise three times a week. Her experience with the challenge was so enjoyable; she decided to continue to participate in further challenges. She quickly became comfortable at the Y. The staff built supportive relationships with her and became her motivators. They challenge her and they hold her accountable; they have become the community that brings her joy and makes her comfortable.

Annie has created a lifestyle change for herself balancing what she eats with exercise, rather than finding just a diet. She now enjoys working out and it truly has become something that gets her excited.  One of the best benefits of her commitment to exercise is people recognizing her weight loss success. For Annie, this was a sense of accomplishment, not because of just the weight loss, but because she has found a healthy lifestyle balance.

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Annie's journey started out of simple curiosity and has now become a lifestyle.

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