First ever International Lightsaber Tournament in Indy

August 24-26, the Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay will host a unique new sporting event: The first ever Indy International Lightsaber Tournament.

The Indy Lightsaber Academy will bring teams from the US, Canada, France, and the UK together to compete in the real live martial art of LED lightsaber combat, and will field its own team of competitors. Using fantasy-inspired weapons from the world’s most popular sci-fi movie series, participants will fight using a variety of styles derived from real-world weapon arts to crown champions in one-on-one and team combat!

Lightsaber Tournament

The Indy International Lightsaber Tournament features three days of events for the whole family. See full schedule here.

Interested in learning lightsaber skills? An intensive public lightsaber combat workshop will be available for everyone from beginners to experienced fighters. Each of the lightsaber schools attending the tournament will offer instruction to anyone 13 or up. Workshop admission is just $10 for the entire evening.

Tickets to International Lightsaber Tournament

Tickets are $10 for a two-day pass to catch all the lightsaber action. All ticket sales will benefit the Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay’s Annual Campaign, which helps individuals and families afford YMCA memberships and programs, regardless of income. For tickets, call the Y at 317-955-9622 or purchase spectator tickets here.

About Indy Lightsaber Academy

Founded in 2015 by Doug Trefun and Michael Tucker, Indy Lightsaber Academy teaches the art of lightsaber combat as a practical martial art. Using specially made combat-ready lightsabers (basically a fancy LED flashlight with a polycarbonate blade), ILA members learn and apply seven different forms of combat derived from real-world martial arts, adapted to the unique properties of the world’s most popular fantasy weapon.

In the last three years, ILA has touched thousands of people through public events and performances, convention appearances, tournaments, and weekly classes at the Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay. ILA has been covered by nearly every local news organization, as well as wider audiences such as and GQ, and has even won Indianapolis Monthly’s award for “best geek workout.” Now ILA is working with partners around the world to build a truly international sport.

For more information, please contact Michael Tucker at 317-448-3484.