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Determined Mother

December 19, 2016

Becoming a mother was the greatest experience of Amanda’s life, but being a single mother has it’s challenges. Amanda was determined to become the best version of herself for her kids and for herself. She started by walking on the treadmill and taking group classes at the YMCA.

Within no time, Amanda had lost over 30 pounds and completed her first race in under 3 hours! Amanda frequently participated in cardio and strength training, but when she had the opportunity, she tried a group class called Synergy. The class was challenging, but she loved the class and the instructors wanted to help her achieve her weight loss and strength goals. After the first month she could tell a difference in her strength and always looked forward to attending her class. The YMCA was like another home to her because of how familiar people had become and she loved how she felt when she went to the Y. Since there are plenty of fun, enriching activities for her kids, she has been able to focus on herself and the strength she is building. Today, Amanda has lost nearly 45 pounds and not only has she gained muscle, she’s gained the confidence she desired, built life long friendships, and has been able to achieve her fitness goals!

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