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Dive into Water Aerobics With Margaret

December 13, 2018

Would you do anything it takes to get to the Y? Margaret does.

While her eyesight isn’t as great as it used to be, nothing stops this 95-year-old from coming to water aerobics an average of twice a week.

“It does so much for the whole body. It’s good for the muscles and mind,” Margaret said about the program.

A member for nearly 40 years!

Margaret has been a member of the YMCA since 1990. When her eyesight began to fail her recently, she stopped driving to ensure the safety of herself and everyone else. Instead, she takes an Uber to the Ransburg YMCA so she can work out.

“I don’t wobble as much as I get older,” she laughed out as she praised the program.

Doing wonders for her body, Margaret loves water aerobics. She says it makes her legs stronger, helps her center of balance and keeps her healthy.

Walks her dog, plays cards and more

She stays fit with not only water aerobics, but also walking her small dog. She enjoys staying busy and loves music and her family. Each week she partakes in activities such as bridge, church, and routinely gets her hair done on Fridays.

Having six daughters and 18 grandchildren, Margaret has many reasons to stay active.

“I would recommend water aerobics to anyone,” Margaret said.

The program runs several times a week with different instructors. Check out the Ransburg Y's pool schedule or at other Central Indiana YMCAs to find the water fitness class that fits your calendar best!

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Dive into Water Aerobics With Margaret

When her eyesight began to give out in her 90s, Margaret started using Uber to ensure she makes it to water aerobics each week.

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