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April 12, 2024
Photo of Wayne Flournoy, YMCA Project Connect Program

A Graduate’s Insights About the Y’s Project Connect Program

Wayne Flournoy

age 26

from Muncie, IN

Did you pass your state licensure exam? Yes

Are you currently working/utilizing your certification? Yes

What certification training did you complete with the YMCA Project Connect Program?

In the summer of 2023, I participated in the Qualified Medication Aide (QMA) certification program at the Avondale Meadows YMCA in Indianapolis. This opportunity was perfect in the fact that I was just about to seek more education on my own; the only thing stopping me was the financial freedom to do so out of my expenses.

What motivated you to start this program?

I have always aspired to be the most professional form of a healthcare professional. I intend to further my education, complete as many programs, and get as many degrees and certifications as possible. The ultimate goal of my journey as a healthcare professional is to become an infectious disease physician or to study dermatology as a licensed dermatologist. Getting my QMA license is only the beginning.

While attending class, did you have other obligations, such as work? If yes, how many hours did you work, and was it difficult to balance?

I was working two jobs through an agency as a healthcare professional, and I simultaneously was licensed through the government to connect qualified individuals with ACP benefits. I volunteered my time in church as much as possible, doing every service and serving in any way I could. The difficulty was not staying focused or managing my time; the main obstacle of it all was making sure to stay well rested and not get stressed out.

What stood out to you about Project Connect?

The fact that the program had such guided mentorship and dedicated officials in place, such as Carley Hockenbury, Hannah Burton, and Geneva Heath, was amazing. The engaging teaching structure and easy-to-follow curriculum made it just that much more worth participating in, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity. The fact that the program came at NO COST and excelled my life so much is just the icing on the cake.

What did you enjoy most during your experience with Project Connect, and is there anything that you think could have been improved?

The best part of the entire experience was going to the class physically and learning exactly what would be required of each individual in the work-environment-style classroom. We had to all grow to work together, and it did not take much. I completed the class with friends and connections that would carry on to my personal life. I would also learn the reality of the severity of the job description. With on-the-job shadow training, I was able to exhaust all the anxiety and fear of being able to step up to the plate and have the strength to take on such requirements. Overall, it has been a 10/10 experience. I have pointed many interested individuals toward the program and advocated for this opportunity. Believe me when I say this opportunity couldn’t get any better. I am forever grateful.

Can you provide any advice for someone considering an adult education program, such as Project Connect?

I say this with strong authority, I would recommend this opportunity to ANYONE willing to dedicate their time and energy to fun, obtainable, useful doctrine to grow in the next step in nursing. As a healthcare professional, I believe the program should have more and more success going forward. I strongly advise anyone going into nursing to gather as many accolades as they possibly can, to not only strengthen your resume but to heighten your education and knowledge of how other medical professionals come together to make the statement, “Teamwork makes the dream work” connect and effectively appreciate the field as a whole.

Is there anything else you want to share or add about your experience in the program?

I ultimately am indebted to the persons involved in making sure I could grow and complete this program without any issues or disturbances. To Mrs. Geneva Heath, keep up the great work you do as an educator and as a Nurse Practitioner. To Carley Hockenbury, what an amazing display of professionalism and dedication to seeing each student being successful. Hats off to the YMCA for creating such a great learning opportunity, for underprivileged individuals such as myself. Thank you!

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Photo of Wayne Flournoy, YMCA Project Connect Program

Equipped to Make a Difference

The engaging teaching structure and easy-to-follow curriculum made it just that much more worth participating in, and I am forever grateful for the...

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