by Daniel Stinson

Kid’s Night Out. A great way to spend a Saturday evening – and beneficial to the entire family. The kids get an individually-themed, active, and fun-filled night, and parents get an evening to themselves! Kid’s Night Out takes place twice a month throughout our association in Greater Indianapolis, with the event happening on the first and third Saturdays here at Fishers. For less than the average cost of a babysitter, this bimonthly option is definitely one to check out!

Kid’s Night Out offers a full schedule for kids – beginning after drop-off at 5 P.M. Kids have open play in Play and Learn, featuring games, the indoor playground, and crafts that match that week’s theme. Dinner is served from 6:30 to 7:00, with gym time for kids four and older happening from 7:15 until 8:00. Finally, from 8:00 until the end of the night at 10:00, the kids gather and watch a movie until their parents return to pick them up. Children can even come in their pajamas for easy pickup at the end!

Be sure to inquire about upcoming Kid’s Nights Out at the Member Service Desk.    When you add in the fact that the event is from 5-10, AND the kids get dinner, this active event is sure to become a family tradition!