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Paul has dealt with back trouble and pinched nerves for 15 years.  Although the condition responded favorably to physical therapy, he found relief – and renewed confidence – through personal training at the Fishers YMCA.

A series of medical conditions and surgery relieved the pain, but left Paul feeling fragile and unsure of how to navigate the world with a weakened back.  After the back and hernia surgery, Paul had trouble maintaining weight loss and strengthening his body safely.  In his words, he reached a state of existence in which he accepted I would never be able to lift things, be athletic in any sense, or enjoy spontaneous movement at all.

Quickly realizing this was not a satisfying existence, Paul was motivated to pursue a personal trainer to strengthen his body and regain lost confidence. “My experience (at the Fishers Y and with Personal Training) has been fantastic from the beginning,” says Paul.  “The staff took the time to learn what my concerns, limitations, and goals were, and paired me with the perfect trainer. I am blessed to have found JoLynn. She understood where I was on day one, what I could handle, and subsequently what would build my ability and confidence moving forward.”

Before beginning personal training, Paul had no idea what to do, and was uncomfortable even going to the gym.  Personal Training has helped Paul to regain confidence in his body.  To date, Paul has lost 16 pounds, 2 inches from his waist, 1.5 inches from his neck, and 2.5 inches on his thighs. And, he have biceps now!  According to Paul, personal training is one major piece of the permanent life change, and it has helped him to see that being active is enjoyable and can pay off in ways which reverberate through his entire life.  Congratulations, Paul!

Paul Whitbeck | Y Story | Fishers YMCA | YMCA of Greater Indianapolis

Paul's Story

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