By Daniel Stinson

‘Tis the season for gifts. We all have ideas swimming in our heads of what we most want for the holidays. It could be new shoes, tickets to a concert, or anything in-between. Gifts comes in all shapes and sizes, and even encompass the intangible. Gifts, whether physical or experiences are a common tradition embedded in the holiday season.

While everyone loves receiving gifts, there is so much joy in the act of giving itself. And one of the biggest gifts of all is giving the gift of your time. By volunteering, you are impacting our community in a positive manner, and having a blast at the same time! The YMCA is a nonprofit organization, and we thrive off of the help of volunteers to help spread our mission of being a community for all. We have multiple roles available, including coaching, front desk greeting, and helping with special events.

We just had our annual Halloween Extravaganza, where over 40 volunteers gave their time to help families have some not-so-spooky fun, and one of the biggest events coming up, our 7th Wishbone 5K, is taking place on Thanksgiving morning. Be sure to either register for the race, or, if you’ve already stuffed yourself with turkey, volunteer to help hand out water at water stops, or just cheer participants on!To volunteer at any time throughout the year, please contact Melinda Nash: or by calling 317.595.9622. Thank you to our many volunteers!


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