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Five Days of Action to Keep Kids Safe

April 9, 2024
Photo of a child holding the hand of a trusted adult

Dear Families,

As we enter April, a month dedicated to the prevention of child abuse, we embrace this time with a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to safeguarding our precious children. The Five Days of Action, taking place from April 15-19, represents more than a campaign for us at the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis; it symbolizes our unwavering pledge to create a trusting and secure environment for all children within our community.

This year, we are proud to participate once again in the Know. See. Respond. initiative, supported by invaluable resources from Childhelp, Common Sense Media, and the Committee for Children. These tools are essential in empowering us to protect our young ones from the harm of sexual abuse.


Understanding the reality of child sexual abuse is crucial. As guardians, caregivers, and trusted figures, we hold the power to shield our children from harm. Familiarizing ourselves with the signs and forms of abuse equips us to act protectively. We invite you to deepen your knowledge at childhelphotline.org, where learning becomes the cornerstone of prevention.


In an age where digital platforms significantly influence our children's lives, it's vital to monitor their online interactions carefully. By doing so, we can ensure their digital experiences remain positive and free from abuse. Resources to aid in this important task are available at commonsensemedia.org/articles/online-safety, where guidance on maintaining a safe online environment for our children is provided.


Initiating conversations about preventing child sexual abuse can be daunting, but it's a necessary step in protection. The Hot Chocolate Talk campaign by the Committee for Children offers accessible guides to help start these critical discussions, regardless of a child's age. Visit cfchildren.org/resources/child-abuse-prevention for resources that empower both you and your child to recognize and reject sexual abuse.

The shift towards digital learning, work, and socializing underscores the importance of online safety. Awareness and open communication are key to preventing dangers such as cyberbullying and online enticement. Educating yourself and the children in your care about these risks is vital. Visit www.missingkids.org/netsmartz to learn how to create a safer online space for our children.

At the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, we are steadfast in our efforts to ensure a secure environment for every child. Our safety measures include thorough pre-employment screenings, ongoing Child Abuse Prevention Training, and policies designed to maintain transparency and prevent unsupervised interactions between staff and children. We believe in the power of community and collective vigilance to protect our children.

We invite you to join us in this crucial mission and become an integral part of our safety network. Together, we can create a community that places the utmost importance on the well-being and protection of our children. It is a collective effort, and every action counts.

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Five Days of Action to Keep Kids Safe

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