Personal Trainer Helped Tara "Get on Track" for Mini-Marathon

Tara spent her life being amongst the weakest of her peers, but adopting a dog in October of 2016 inspired her to start running, since she loved running. She joined the YMCA about that time, and signed up for the mini-marathon training program as well as the mini-marathon. After the mini, she decided to take the next step and begin working with a personal trainer.

Training for a marathon

Training with Michael taught her a few things about herself and about discipline. “Instead of quitting when things got hard, he made me finish the reps. He pushed me to try things that were out of my comfort zone, and I sometimes surprised myself with what I could do.”

Tara feels better about herself and her overall fitness thanks to Michael and the Y’s personal training program. She is stronger and more physically fit in general than she has been in all of her adult life.

“I am confident that I have created the habits of coming to the gym and working out because of the positive and friendly atmosphere at the YMCA.”

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