8%: Total Amount of Body Fat Jody Lost

Jody Hyder has been involved in the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program since June of 2015. When diagnosed as a pre-diabetic in December of 2013, she was at her highest weight of 204 pounds. She took the initiative to improve her life and joined the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program. Today, she has lost 8% of her total body fat, which has helped to lower her A1C and maintain the weight she lost.

The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program has been shown to reduce the number of new cases of Type 2 Diabetes by 71% for adults 60 years and older. This lifestyle intervention has shown to be more effective than the drug Metformin. It is a yearlong program comprised of 16 weekly sessions, followed by biweekly, then monthly sessions.

For Jody, this program has placed her health and fitness as a priority in her life, and she even exercises most days of the week at the Y. Our variety of classes has helped her make friends and keep her active. She specifically enjoys the Active Older Adult (AOA) classes, Zumba, Chair Yoga and Water Fitness. She also utilizes the Wellness Center to use a variety of machines which include a treadmill and exercise bike.

Jody’s recent visit to her family physician validated the Diabetes Prevention Program for her. Her doctor commented that “she has lost weight with the program and has really instituted some positive lifestyle changes.”

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Jody Hyder has been involved in the YMCA’s Diabetic Prevention Program since June of 2015.

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