Safety, Adaptability Highlight Private Swim Lesson Benefits

Rose is a spunky little girl with energy to spare. Her family, like many, lives in a neighborhood with a retention pond nearby. Knowing that Rose is active and has a tendency to wander, her mom, Liz, knew that swim lessons would be important.

“I know that drowning is a leading cause of death in children,” says Liz. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death for children ages 1 – 14.

Liz already knew the value of private swim lessons after her son took them, so she knew she wanted Rose to have the same opportunity. They signed up for private swim lessons with Deb.

“Deb just understands Rose,” says Liz. “She has delayed speech and some sensory issues.”

Liz has been impressed with how her instructor, Deb, is so patient and understanding with Rose. She is always willing to adapt the lesson to what Rose needs on a given day.

“My daughter has been going to the Y for a little over a year now for private swim lessons,” says Liz. “The whole staff is amazing. They are wonderful with her. The staff is comforting and really are knowledgeable about the lessons. My daughter has turned into a little fish.”

Liz says that people are always so impressed by Rose’s swimming ability. “She just turned five and can completely swim on her own.”

For Liz though, the biggest relief is knowing that Rose understands water safety and can swim if she were to accidentally find herself in water.

“Thank you to the Y, for giving me peace of mind with safety – and giving her an outlet for her energy,” says Liz.

If it is time for you or your child to learn to swim, we’re here. The Y offers group, private and semi-private swim lessons for ages 6 months and up. Find your peace of mind today.

5-year-old Rose loves swim lessons at the Y

5-year-old Rose loves swim lessons at the Y

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