Be A Servant Leader In Your Community

Looking for a way to be a servant leader in your community? The Intercollegiate YMCA is looking for people to work as an AmeriCorps Member serving youth in the Indianapolis area. AmeriCorps Members commit their time to address critical community needs like increasing academic achievement, mentoring youth, fighting poverty, sustaining national parks, preparing for disasters, and more. This is all possible through funding from Corporation For National and Community Service and Serve Indiana.

AmeriCorps 2Our programs focus mainly on academic achievement and mentoring youth in free after school programs in a few of Indianapolis’s public housing communities. The Intercollegiate YMCA Center connects college students to service opportunities in the Indianapolis area and work with four universities and over 18,000 students. Our mission is to provide these students with experiences that develop community awareness and responsibility as well as creating a well-rounded world-conscious individual. This is accomplished by providing a variety of meaningful service opportunities, like AmeriCorps, throughout Indianapolis and in international service projects.


  • Directing youth education programs
  • Youth wellness
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring

There are opportunities to work in both afterschool programs in some of Indianapolis Public Schools as well as in five Indianapolis Public Housing communities.

We also offer multiple options for service hour commitments for the grant year of 9/1/18 through 8/31/19. The table below breaks down monthly living allowance as well as the education award at the end of the term.

Member Type # of Hours Living Allowance Monthly Maximum Living Allowance Total (12 months) Education Award (upon completion of service)
Half-Time Member 900 $329 $3,950 $2,960
Reduced Half-Time 675 $246.88 $2,962.50 $2,255.24
Quarter Time 450 $164.58 $1,975 $1,566.14
Minimum Time 300 $108.58 $1,303 $1,252.91


Both AmeriCorps Program Site Coordinator  and AmeriCorps Youth Mentor/Tutor positions are available. Click the links to apply today!



The Member understands that the AmeriCorps program has a grievance procedure to resolve disputes concerning the Member’s suspension, dismissal, service evaluation or proposed service assignment. The Member understands that, as a participant of the program, he/she may file a grievance in accordance with the Y-AmeriCorps grievance procedure. The purpose of this process is to resolve disputes involving AmeriCorps Members, labor unions, and any other interested individuals, such as AmeriCorps Member applicants, in a fair and expeditious manner. In general, disputes must pertain to service-related issues such as: proposed service assignments, mid-term or end-of-term evaluation, or a Member’s suspension or dismissal. A dispute also may concern an applicant protesting the reason he/she was not selected as an AmeriCorps Member; or a labor union’s claim that a Member is displacing its union members.


The YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, beginning with the CEO and Board of Directors, is committed to the diversity initiative of the YMCA of the USA. This diversity initiative was cultivated in response to the changing demographics and needs of communities across the region and allows the Association to become more culturally competent and inclusive in the Greater Indianapolis YMCA service areas/communities. It is the YMCA’s expectation that all will practice inclusion by valuing the diversity of all people within the Association and the communities served. This is done by helping the YMCA increase and support the cultural competence of staff, members, volunteers and the various publics served, and being inclusive in the business practices followed. Diversity is the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, styles, perspectives, beliefs and competencies as assets to the YMCA. This concept is included as a guiding principle in the strategic plan.