A Journey of Blessings

We became members of the YMCA in 2010. During this time we would take our first son, Julian, to Play and Learn. Play and Learn provides a nurturing and respectful environment for kids while parents enjoy their pursuit for health and wellness. Like many kids at a young age, Julian was shy and anxious about leaving his parents. The staff at the YMCA immediately noticed his challenge and welcomed him with open arms and love. Within a few weeks, he was asking to go see Miss Kat and felt comfortable during his time at the Y.

Journey into Preschool

During 2015, we enrolled Julian in the YMCA’s preschool program. The preschool teachers have been so nice and attentive and provide a nice balance of activities. Our little boy continues to impress us with all his knowledge and manners, and we each have met several new friends from his class.

Journey into sports

When Julian turned 3, we signed him up for the YMCA’s Youth Tee Ball program. I also had an opportunity to help coach his team, which provided a unique ability to get to know the Y’s policies and procedures. The communication is fantastic. Coaches are well informed with training manuals, team contact information and suggestions on activities. We had such a great time with the parents and the kids, we signed up to play and coach the following year.

Our Journey Continues

The Y remains a blessing with the addition of our second son, Wally. The spirit of the YMCA is infectious and it is such a joy to see all the smiling faces on the kids, members, and staff each and every time we walk through the doors. We feel very lucky to be a member of such a cohesive environment.

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At the age of 3, Julian was enrolled in the YMCA’s Youth Tee Ball program

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