Couple Achieves Success with Buddy Personal Training

As a graduate student, Lindsay’s days are filled with long hours of driving, studying and sitting in lectures. She and her husband Ethan were tired everyday and looking for a change. They wanted to be more active and take the steps toward a healthier lifestyle, but were having trouble breaking old habits. Together, they decided that they needed help and signed up for Buddy Personal Training with Tyler at the Jordan YMCA.

Change comes hard for Lindsay

As a couple, Lindsay and her husband had been striving to make changes at the gym and at home. Working with a nationally certified personal trainer “has been wonderful” and given them motivation to make those changes. Buddy Personal Training gives them something fun to do together. Tyler has helped them develop valuable skills and made it fun to reach their wellness goals. The accountability of a weekly appointment helps keep them both from slipping back into old habits or making excuses.

” Tyler is awesome!” says Lindsay. “We’ve become friends with him and have a great relationship that gets us excited to come to the gym. Because of Tyler, I have more energy and a greater sense of teamwork.”

With the help of our personal trainers they were able to not only gain more energy and a healthier lifestyle, but they made a new friend as well!

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Lindsay and her husband Ethan

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