Checking off Bucket List Goals: Mary Kelly

As a child and young adult I was always physically active,  however, I always struggled to keep my weight under control. As time passed I became less active and used food as a coping mechanism for life’s stressful moments and allowed my weight to climb to over 300 pounds!

Slowly I took control of my weight and lost nearly 100 pounds, but I certainly was not physically fit! On the journey to regaining my health and fitness, I took a group exercise class at St. Vincent Hospital where I work. The class was sponsored by the Jordan YMCA and instructed by Anthony Ripley who was motivating and perceptive. He safely pushed the class beyond what we thought we could do, held us accountable and cheered us on!

Almost two years later, I joined the Jordan YMCA and sought out Anthony to be my personal trainer as I remembered his enthusiasm. I vividly remember my initial session. He completed a full assessment of my strengths and weaknesses. I learned I had no core strength, no endurance, no balance and no upper or lower body strength. YIKES! I believe Anthony saw a challenge within me! He was patient, yet persistent, but he was always right. I could work harder, I could get stronger! When I said I can’t, or got discouraged, he would not take no for an answer! He helped me believe in myself!

In December of 2016, I mentioned to Anthony a “bucket list” goal of mine was to participate in the Mini-Marathon. With Anthony’s encouragement, I joined the Mini-Marathon Training Program in January, 2017. Initially I was able to walk one 20 minute mile. By May 6, 2017 I had the strength and endurance to walk 13.1 milies at an average of 18 minutes per mile! I walked the Indy Mini Marathon!

I’m stronger, healthier and continuing along the journey because of the support and encouragement of the great folks at the Jordan YMCA! Next goal, a Sprint Triathalon next May!

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Mary Kelly

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