2015: The Year that Cooper Grew at the Y Preschool

When we moved back to Indiana in 2015, our middle child was just about to turn three. He was shy and almost completely non-verbal. Unlike our daughter, who was excited to start pre-k, Cooper wanted nothing to do with it and we were incredibly unsure if he was even ready.

Our first day of preschool at the Y, we met Ms. Mary. She was so loving and reassuring that we had made the right decision. She must have had some magic because Cooper wanted to keep going back.

Since starting preschool at the Y, Cooper has improved tremendously! He has gone from being almost completely non-verbal to singing his ABCs and reciting his address! He has real friends that he looks forward to seeing and he has learned to be observant and help at home.

While this may not have been such a big deal for a child like our daughter, this improvement was huge for Cooper. I can say without a doubt it was his time at the Y with Ms. Mary and the teacher aids that has gotten him to this point. They are saints. I cannot wait to see him continually grow and learn from what he learns at preschool!

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Cooper's last day of Early Pre-School.

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