Enriching Lives: Rebecca Sherman-Cattell

We have been members of the Jordan Y since August of 2014 when we enrolled our oldest son, George, in the 3s/4s preschool class. At that time, we had many changes in our lives as we welcomed twin boys, Max and Ben, in January, moved in May, and began our preschool journey in August! George was originally enrolled in a co-op program, but with 5 month old twin boys at home, we discovered the Jordan Y would be a perfect fit for our family’s needs. We have been enrolled in the program ever since.

George was welcomed with open arms into preschool, and while on the shy side, it took him no time at all to get comfortable. I attribute this to the patience and experience of the staff. George flourished and loved his time at school. He continued through the pre-K program with Mrs. Kasia and Jeannine. This year he headed to kindergarten with a wonderful foundation of social, emotional, and academic skills.

We enrolled Max and Ben in preschool as soon as they turned two. They were so excited to go to school like their big brother! We have been equally pleased with the programming they are receiving and are looking forward to their upcoming year in the
3 – 4’s classroom.

Not only has the Y preschool program afforded wonderful opportunities for my boys, but it has for me as well. As a stay-at-home mom, the Y has allowed me to meet many wonderful Moms and Dads and develop amazing friendships. The boys also love to go to Play and Learn. Play and Learn provides meaningful activities for the kids in a safe environment while I can take a break in the gym or enjoy a cup of coffee and read a magazine!

We are so thankful for the Jordan Y preschool program and how it has enriched our lives over the past 3 years. We look forward to continuing our membership.


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